Re: [mu TECH] A new installer for DOS

From: Miguel Angel (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 22:30:22 CEST

On Thu, 04 May 2000, Jef Knoors kindly wrote:
> Yes, I used it yesterday, tiny little bug after cleaning hda1 I got the
> message:
> rmdir: not found

I also have seen the same bug, but it is a mulinux bug. rmdir is missing, link
rmdir to busybox under {mulinux}/bin and rebuild
> Backup was finished and I reboot to look at the file:
> 303 Mb no space left on the partition.
> Was all my stuff backed up in the file or did it stop because there was no
> space left on the other partition ? I will free some HD space and try the
> same again, see if it exceeds this 303 MB

Yes, all was backed up in the file, but when the disk was full the error code
was to the backup file. I'll have a look on it

> Rawrite2:
> I read the pascal code, it's wrtitten very nice and readable.
> You're probably a talented writer.
> Jef



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