Re: muLinux base floppy image and DOS tools

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 09:24:00 CEST

Sorry, but my method is not FREE any more.

DOSLFNBK became a shareware product :-(((((((
for $10. So I intend to write this as Linux-tool and glp'ed
because I realy like a tool like this.
Has someone a good Idea, how to do this (on top of msdos or
vfat or as extension to vfat or ....). Up to now I have only
liddle impression, how umsdos, vfat and msdos are working. Vfat
has some mount options to get realy good unicode-saved-names,
but how do I get the short names for restore exactly this pair?
May be there is more build in as I know yet.

Jef Knoors wrote:
> Please explain step 1 for me.
> "DOSLFNBK /all C:\" --- is this a command ?
Yes, it saves all long filenames in a 8.3-named file in DOS. So when
you recover the files, it can restore the long names. With
this, the 8.3 names are linked to the same unicode names as
before. Win sees no difference!

> What about the hidden files, the regestry and al that stuff ?
Because you can do this in DOS, no file is locked.
Hidden file are used (I cloned win to new disc's)

> What is the disk is compressed with windoze drivespace ?
AFAIK no chance. The tool do'es direct disk access.

> All the other stuff seams cler to me.
> Jef


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