Re: [mu Tech] Help: SCSI driver

Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 11:29:08 CEST

Good morning *!

At least I have a good one because yesterday night (very
late |-O ) I finally found the ncr53c8xx.o binary for the
2.0.36 kernel on Just the SCSIconfig needs a little
work ;)

> Oh mon dieu! This requires a kernel recompiling, because I never
> answered "y" to this exotic piece of hardware.

Oh, it's not so exotic, because afaik this driver supports nearly
all Symbios Logic (now LSI Logic) SCSI cards. Maybe thery're not
spread in Italy but at least five of my mates have such a card.

I've got some other points:

- I looked over the new DOStools. I liked the possibillity to
  set up muLinux without a floppy (for direct hd install), i.e.
  with loadlin and a minimalistic precompiled kernel. If I'm not
  mistaken this feature has gone, you have to create a boot floppy.

- When I changed the line 'vga=normal' to 'vga=extended' in the
  loadlin.cfg file the console bahves strange, i.e. only the
  upper half of the screen will be used. Do I have to change
  another config file (wich one?) or is it just impossible to
  use the small fonts?

- A similar problem could be the cuse for the following effect:
  I tried to switch off the panel of the midnight commander and
  got an error message: 'not an linux console or terminal window'
  (or anything very similar). Nothing happend, the error message
  appeared only once in mc session.
  Any clues?

- Starting X works fine. After shutting down and restarting it the
  mouse Logitech serial 3 button) behaves strange, i.e. the pointer
  can only be moved by the cursor keys, console windows can't be
  switched by <Alt><Fn>.

Ok, lots of bugs, or maybe incompatibel user?

Have a nice day!

PS: Michele, shall I send you the ncr53c8xx.o binary for inclusion
    in the modules.tgz?



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