From: Mike Johnson (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 17:41:53 CEST

oops.. I forgot, I had to go into setup and turn off all the daemons to make
sure I had enough memory to decompress X11

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> And the verdict is...
> I finally got X11 starting up! Apparently it is running mostly out of the
> swap space, but that is tolerable in a sense... I think it looks like it
> will take 10 minutes to load into X... I am so excited to see X up an
> running, I don't care how slow it is right now. I crowbarred mu into here,
> can do more to it later (like adding RAM). The important trick was
> Michele's installs and jumping into maintainance mode, setting up swap
> space, and running mu from the HD to build the installs, then using the
> space for the decompression of the addins when you use setup. (BTW, I like
> the ncurses setup quite a bit... nice design)
> Mike
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