Re:Re: Rawrite2

Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 15:31:25 CEST

>A few years from now the 'classical' linux user will be a rare
>exception and we will be called stupid but harmless people... :-D
Hmmm... interesting way of thinking...
I always felt, that the problem is not, that computers can be handled this way, I think the problem is, that it is not working this way, even we have desktops full of icons and wizards etc.
Things are not getting easier, because there is no system behind it.

The classicle Unix way is: Have small tools, each does its own job. Combine them and get powerful - a modular way. But how should this be moved onto an graphicle desktop?!? There is no way, because in todays OSs there is nearly no tool used by another. Just a bit OLE
but no power behind it. The reason: All companies do there own job.
And the solution is - as ever - free open source software.


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