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From: Austin Hair (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 22:34:57 CEST

> isn't there a way to make mulinux floppies just using
> the dd command or something?

You can with the addons, seeing as they're simply bzip2 compressed archives written directly to diskettes. The base floppy is custom built, however, so it's a
bit more difficult.

> I've built the mulinux rescue/installer disk, but since
> my HD is an OS/2, I don't think I'll be able to access it
> from there.

OS/2 can be installed on either a fat16 or hpfs partition. With fat16, you can
simply mount it as type "msdos" with full read/write access. I'm not sure if hpfs support is compiled by default into the muLinux kernel, but it IS possible -
read-only, but nonetheless usable.

> so, if I can just ftp the .tgz to a linux box, and dd them
> or something...

If you have access to one, then yes, that may be an option. The easiest way it
to run the "mu" script in interactive mode from the prompt by typing ./mu -i in
the muLinux base directory (the one you untared mulinux-XrX.tgz to).

> I've looked at the INSTALL.Linux file, but I'm afraid I'm
> just a bit confused by it.
> I'm trying to do 9r1b, by the way.

The above info should help.

> Thanks!

No problem. I think I'll start on the OS/2 installer today (I had a rather busy weekend, and haven't had the time for much of anything).

> Jeremy

- Austin

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