Antwort:Graphical shells (was Re: Rawrite2)

Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 08:38:01 CEST


Someone could code programs by concatenating icons and for example configure
their parameters, but this would take 10 times as long as writing it just down
in a shell.

I think graphicle user interfaces are mostly good for providing users
preconfigured environments/apps, and they just use it. But this would be also an
unflexible way for othere tasks. So the windows way, to provide wizards for all
possible things is bad, I think. I f you need to code, you need to code - no way

My goal would be an operatingsystem environment, which has graphicle
capabilities for displaying things, but would integrate with a good interpretive
language - maybe more powerfull than shell. I think of something like TCL/TK,
but I don't like this language. The same for perl. Bad, that python does not
have it's own native GUI, like TCL has.


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