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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 10:30:58 CEST

I started coding in dBase3+ , but when dBase4 came it had a menu-drive code
generator, which generated tons of unuseable garbage.
I rewrote the code generator. That what people need.
You learn also from book, that give examples with instruction.

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> On Wed, 10 May 2000 06:48:50 GMT, Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> }On 10.05.00, 08:38:01, Martin Doering wrote:
> }
> }> Ok!
> }
> }> Someone could code programs by concatenating icons and
> }> for example configure their parameters, but this would
> }> take 10 times as long as writing it just down in a shell.
> }
> }Of course you are right but there could be a situation
> }where speed doesn't matter: imagine a student who tries
> }to teach herself/himself the syntax of BaSH skripts and
> }by using that module she/he would ba able to plug together
> }the modules and at the same time SEE THE RESULTING SKRIPT
> }appearing step by step in a little command window.
> }
> }> If you need to code, you need to code - no way 'round.
> }
> }:-)
> }
> }Perhaps the graphical BaSH command generator could make
> }people understand the way code such should be written
> }and probably (after a short training phase) they would
> }soon ignore the existence of that tool and write their
> }own code - once they have learned how to do it.
> }
> }Karl-Heinz (privat unterwegs)
> The NeXT machine had such a code generator. It generated C code that
> would compile. The code was large, but it worked, which is what
> everyone wants. This is useful for those who knows what they want to
> happen, but don't know enough yet to do it from scratch.
> Such a thing is also useful for people like myself. I can't code at
> all hardly (unless you want some AppleSoft BASIC or 6502 machine
> code), but I can look at nearly anything coded, see how it works, and
> with some guidance on syntax, rebuild it to do what I want.
> With such a thing, many people will never learn to code from scratch,
> but some will find that the graphical system won't do something they
> want, and they will learn to make it themselves.
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