Hard disk destoryers Re: lynx?

From: Nelson Bishop (nelson@io.com)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 17:44:28 CEST

On Fri, 12 May 2000, CHARLES HENRY wrote:

> >>>So , you have a Amiga 1000 under linux?
> No, it's a former Micro$oft Windoze machine that developed a bad disk
> controller or something. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was. It
> ate two hard drives and several floppies until I removed the hard drives
> physically and from the BIOS setup definition. I was able to bring it
> back to life with muLinux by building the disks on another machine, then
> locking the write protect tabs and booting from the floppies. They get
> mounted read-only and everything loads just fine. The box has a 486
> DX-4 chip clocked at 100 Mz and 48 meg of RAM, and muLinux runs like a
> champ!
> I call the machine Frankenstein since I literally brought it back from
> the dead....
> Charles
Hi Charles,

I also had a machine that destroyed hard disks. After replacing the hard
disk for the second time, I finally noticed that the power supply fan was
not spinning. In that machine, the hard disk was next to the power supply.
I think the hot power supply was damaging the hard disk. I replaced the
fan and that machine has been running well for over two years.


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