Re: Samba MuLinux and Telecom Italia

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 23:39:29 CEST

On Don, 01 Jan 1998 Michele wrote:

> I checked the Jef work: a perfect subset of muLinux.
> Jef did a good work, because it moved the samba on
> the first floppy without compromise the general
> muLinux structure and style.
> I appreciated that very much.

Fine. :-)

> Obviously, I can't mantain a such specialized
> system: muLinux take away all my free time, sorry.
> On the other hand, I do not like much frozen systems.
> Better solutions: someone on the list, managing
> a muLinux mirror, might put the mulinux-smb archive
> on his site.

I will create a ''muLinux Spin-Offs'' page for this project
tomorrow morning when updating my muLinux mirror in Berlin.

You will receive a message here when it's done.


could you please inform me when you are through with the
Mini-HOWTO so I can put it on my pages as well?



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