Re: Samba MuLinux MiniHowto [formerly: and Telecom Italia]

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 09:45:02 CEST

Karl-Heinz Zimmer schrieb:

A collection of points for a how-to, to make a good how-to. I think
really a lot of work and perhaps it is worth to mention (my) main focus.

> On Die, 16 Mai 2000 Jef wrote:
> > What must be in the Howto?
> > custimizing in general?
> > or special this smb disk, or perhaps is it about
> > using the disk and the smb suite?
> > setting up TCP/IP connection from the win9x box?
> > If I can get the picture of what you expect
> > I will write the Howto.
> - a short presentation of *your* situation and the
> idea to use a muLinux Spin-Off to solve your problems.
That's nice, I like to read stories. REALLY. I need stories to remember

> - a short description of how to modified the original
> files and what are the main differences between the
> original muLinux and your Samba connectivity disk.
A must-point, I think.

> - a step-for-step mini-tutorial how to take your files
> and build a nice little Connectivity disk.
That's the point. This is what I want to know. There a some lines in
that list to do that, but to short for me. This is for me a how-to in a
how-to. :-)

> - a little tutorial what has to be done, just in case
> the reader wants to modify *your* disk to add or
> remove something...
A very difficult point. Only possible for prophets??? I think with your
howto, we have a example how to do our own changes but perhaps i have
not enough imaginations.
Perhaps it is useful to note, that the smb-printer can be used like a
nt-printer! Also the configuration, to use it.

Gruss Gerhard

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