fax from win9x trough smbd

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Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 22:53:36 CEST

hello michele,

I found some intersting pages:


!== Faxing.txt for Samba release 2.0.3 28 Feb 1999


Contributor: Gerhard Zuber <zuber@berlin.snafu.de>

Date: August 5th 1997.

Status: Current

Subject: F A X I N G with S A M B A


This text describes how to turn your SAMBA-server into a fax-server

for any environment, especially for Windows.

Author: Gerhard Zuber <zuber@berlin.snafu.de>

Version: 1.4

Date: 04. Aug. 1997


UNIX box (Linux preferred) with SAMBA and a faxmodem

ghostscript package

mgetty+sendfax package

pbm package (portable bitmap tools)

FTP sites:






sunsite.unc.edu: ..../apps/graphics/convert/pbmplus-10dec91-bin.tar.gz

ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/grafik/pbmplus.src.tar.Z (this is 10dec91 source)

or ??? pbm10dec91.tgz pbmplus10dec91.tgz

making mgetty+sendfax running:


go to source tree: /usr/src/mgetty+sendfax

cp policy.h-dist policy.h

change your settings: valid tty ports, modem initstring, Station-Id

#define MODEM_INIT_STRING "AT &F S0=0 &D3 &K3 &C1\\\\N2"

#define FAX_STATION_ID "49 30 12345678"

#define FAX_MODEM_TTYS "ttyS1:ttyS2:ttyS3"

Modem initstring is for rockwell based modems

if you want to use mgetty+sendfax as PPP-dialin-server,

define AUTO_PPP in Makefile:

CFLAGS=-O2 -Wall -pipe -DAUTO_PPP

compile it and install the package.

edit your /etc/inittab and let mgetty running on your preferred


s3:45:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/mgetty ttyS2 vt100

now issue a

kill -HUP 1

and enjoy with the lightning LEDs on your modem

your now are ready to receive faxes !

if you want a PPP dialin-server, edit


/AutoPPP/ - ppp /usr/sbin/pppd auth debug passive modem

Note: this package automatically decides between a fax call and

a modem call. In case of modem call you get a login prompt !

Tools for printing faxes:


your incomed faxes are in:


print it with:

for i in *


g3cat $i | g3tolj | lpr -P hp


in case of low resolution use instead:

g3cat $i | g3tolj -aspect 2 | lpr -P hp

g3cat is in the tools-section, g3tolj is in the contrib-section

for printing to HP lasers.

If you want to produce files for displaying and printing with Windows, use

some tools from the pbm-package like follow

g3cat $i | g3topbm - | ppmtopcx - >$i.pcx

and view it with your favourite Windows tool (maybe paintbrush)

Now making the fax-server:


fetch the file


and place it in


prepare your faxspool file as mentioned in this file

edit fax/faxspool.in and reinstall or change the final

/usr/local/bin/faxspool too.

if [ "$user" = "root" -o "$user" = "fax" -o \

"$user" = "lp" -o "$user" = "daemon" -o "$user" = "bin" ]

find the first line and change the second.

make sure you have pbmtext (from the pbm-package). This is

needed for creating the small header line on each page.

Notes on pbmplus:

Some peoples had problems with precompiled binaries (especially

at linux) with a shared lib libgr.so.x.x. The better way is

to fetch the source and compile it. One needs only pbmtext for

generating the small line on top of each page /faxheader). Install

only the individual programs you need. If you install the full

package then install pbmplus first and then mgetty+sendfax, because

this package has some changed programs by itself (but not pbmtext).

make sure your ghostscript is functional. You need fonts !

I prefer these from the OS/2 disks

prepare your faxheader


edit your /etc/printcap file:







edit your /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf

so you have a smb based printer named "fax"

The final step:


Now you have a printer called "fax" which can be used via

TCP/IP-printing (lpd-system) or via SAMBA (windows printing).

On every system you are able to produce postscript-files you

are ready to fax.

On Windows 3.1 95 and NT:

Install a printer wich produces postscript output,

e.g. apple laserwriter

connect the "fax" to your printer

Now write your first fax. Use your favourite wordprocessor,

write, winword, notepad or whatever you want, and start

with the headerpage.

Usually each fax has a header page. It carries your name,

your address, your phone/fax-number.

It carries also the recipient, his address and his *** fax

number ***. Now here is the trick:

Use the text:

Fax-Nr: 123456789

as the recipients fax-number. Make sure this text does not

occur in regular text ! Make sure this text is not broken

by formatting information, e.g. format it as a single entity.

(Windows Write and Win95 Wordpad are functional, maybe newer

versions of Winword are breaking formatting information).

The trick is that postscript output is human readable and

the faxfilter program scans the text for this pattern and

uses the found number as the fax-destination-number.

Now print your fax through the fax-printer and it will be

queued for later transmission. Use faxrunq for sending the

queue out.

Notes of SAMBA smb.conf:

Simply use fall through from the samba printer to the unix

printer. Sample:

printcap name = /etc/printcap

print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r -P %p %s

lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq -P %p

lprm command = /usr/bin/lprm -P %p %j


comment = FAX (mgetty+sendfax)

path = /tmp

printable = yes

public = yes

writable = no

create mode = 0700

browseable = yes

guest ok = no



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