Re: less than 4 MB RAM / 2 bzip or not 2 bzip?

From: Johannes (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 17:45:23 CEST

I tried the following: I took the hardisk from my 386 and installed it in my
Pentium. After booring muLinux from my floppy I cloned it to an ext2 partition
on the newly installed harddisk. After that I put the harddisk back into my
386. It all worked. But when I run muLinux for some time, many commands do not
work any longer. They report a Segmentation Fault. I think this is because the
Pentium is much faster than the 386 and muLinux thinks I'm running it on a
Pentium. Am I right to say so???

Johannes Krausmüller

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