Re: Errors on booting

From: Mike Johnson (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 17:42:03 CEST

Sometimes when I download stuff from the main site.. it doesn't quite "make
it".. the only insurance I have had that a download won't quit partwaqy
through is to download 2 files at the same time... it seems that way both
files arrive with their full sizes..

BTW, I'm on exit 187 on highway 55.. I see you south of springfield... what
exit are y'all? I was so excited to see another IL user, I thought I'd see
if you were anywhere nearby...


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Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2000 6:16 AM
Subject: Errors on booting

> Michele,
> I was so enthusiastic about mulinux that I rushed home to install it on my
> rustic 486 box. It has a genuine Intel 486 DX2-66 processor..
> When the boot disk started to run, I got the following error message:
> EXT2-fs error (device 01:01): ext2_find_entry: bad entry in directory
> rec_len is smaller than minimal - offset=0, inode=0, rec_len=0, name_len=0
> What could be wrong and how can I fix it.
> Dana Sparling
> Sparing Inc
> Staunton, IL USA
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