Re: less than 4 MB RAM

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 20:33:15 CEST

On 23 May 2000, at 14:47, Johannes Krausmüller <> wrote:

> Now I installed muLinux on my 386 and it works!
> But as I wanted to install the EXT-Addon it took me too long(after 4 hours
> the addon was not fully installed).

I had that problem. Fixed it by changing the 'bzip2' block size in the EXT.tgz
archive, then making a new EXT disk. Put the new EXT diskette into the laptop.
Installing took minutes. Currently mu 'bzip2' archives** are compressed with
the largest possible blocksize, so when you uncompress them, the 'bunzip2'
program needs a lot of RAM. Another branch of this thread, titled "Re: less
than 4 MB RAM / 2 bzip or not 2 bzip?" has more details.

(**in muLinux install files, 'bzip2' archives usually have a ".tgz" extension,
in order to deceive Netscape. Netscape sometimes refuses to correctly download
files with a ".bz2" extension.)

At risk of explaining too much, here's what to do to make a new EXT disk that
should work with your 386. Starting with a big Desktop Linux with plenty of RAM
(not the 386)...

1) Uncompress EXT.tgz to a 'tar' file.

        bzip2 -d < EXT.tgz > EXT.tar

2) Compress EXT.tar with a smaller blocksize. I had good luck with the -5

        bzip2 -z5 < EXT.tar > EXT.tgz

You may notice that the resulting archive will be a little bigger than the
first one, but it will still fit on one floppy.

3) Run the 'mu' script to make a new floppy using this 500K block EXT.tgz...

        mu -i

Hope this helps...

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