Re: Network problems

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 09:41:51 CEST

Johannes Krausmüller wrote:

> I do not need to install any addons for muLinux to run a network with my
> other Linux-PC, or?

I don't know all mulinux versions, but AFAIK you need only /usr for simple
networking in all versions. No EXT or like.

> I installed the card and everything seems to be allright. But when I try
> to ping from one PC to the other all packets get lost. I think all
> are right.
> I know that this is not a very detailed information. But can anybody
> me?
Don't think so. Because, if you did everything right and all looks good,
would work!

Please let use know more. E.g. what look the output of ifconfig look like,
what route, or if you don't have the eth0 device, what says the module on
loading ...... and so on .....

Or decribe your hardware and post your setting. May be there is a easy

Then there is a good chance to help you.


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