[mu TECH] v9.r1b us.map is misnamed

From: Alfie Costa (agcosta@gis.net)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 12:52:19 CEST

On North American keyboards, the quote keys have become confused in mu 9r1b...
I am using the us.map file. If you hit the quote (") key, no quote character
will show up on the screen until after another key is pressed. This also
happens with the single quote (') and the back-quote (`).

Checking the keymap files, (stored in /usr/lib/kbd/keytable), it turns out that
mu 9r1b uses a different us.map file than the mu 7.x series.

Further research reveals that the new map came to mu via a 4/6/00 thread on
this very list, entitled: "accented characters map". In this thread Renato
UL'd a brazilian keymap with accents, called 'us-accents.map'. It was supposed
to make US keyboards work better in Brazil, I think. Next Michele noted that
this would consume space on the crowded boot floppy, and inquired if this new
file was similar enough to us.map to supersede it. Renato replied that it
probably was OK, and added " I suggest some volunteers that use us.map could
test this new map."

Hope this helps...

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