DHCP Problems

From: ngcnet ngcnet (ngcnet@nanet.com.br)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:58:49 CEST

Hi folks,

Michele I will try again to explain what is happening with my dhcp, my
son is not crying now !!

The hardware:

I have a Pentium 100Mhz with one ethernet card type ne2000, this
ne2000 is connect to my cable-modem and the cable-modem is connect to
the internet. It is working 24 hours day.

The software:

I have a mulinux 9r1 installed with EXT addon.
Work very well.

The problem:

For the system work I configure my ne2000 to have a ip address (I discover this ip using windows that i have in other machine).

I saw that the mulinux have a dhcp client, and I activate it.
When I reboot machine the mulinux call my ISP to obtain a ip adderss
and other information, at this point after few seconds I receive the
message that could not obtain a ip address.

What I already did:

I reinstall muLinux many times with many combinations of addons,
at last I installed a red hat in this machine, the dhcp work.
After I install a Linuxrouter Matherhorn and work very well.
This tests seems to me that have a problem in DHCP of muLinux or I
don't know how to configure it.

Can you help me ??


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