[mu TECH] RCP bug / features

From: Jason Short - Emerald Technology, Inc. (Jason@EmeraldTechnologyInc.com)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 18:39:03 CEST

>Thanks, Jason. If you has ideas about improvement, let me know.

You had to ask... :) I also found a few bugs on the RCP.

I really think that the RCP panel makes muLinux much more usefull to people
like me. Now the machine does not even have to have a monitor on it 99% of
the time. And being http based I can get at it through my firewall at work
(no telnet access).

The only user interface element that I found a little confusing was the
Restart button at the bottom of the resource area. I kept think that would
restart the machine, not the service. Maybe changing it to Apply Changes?
Then you know that the changes you just made on the screen are applied and
the service is restarted with those changes. I know it makes sense from
the Unix standpoint, but I am not that good with Unix... :)

I would also find the following screen very usefull:

Resource Summary:
ethernet up
pppd up
crond down

That way from one screen you can see what is up and what is down. I know
you can do it manually by going from resource to resource, but would be
nice for a summary screen.

ppp status screen:

Show the current status of ppp and allow you to manually start it from the
RCP. You could even go so far as to ask for a new phone number (Or a list
of numbers).


Attempting to configure diald after applying my changes the test command
comes back like this:
ifconfig %7C rgrep ppp0
I think that the %7C should be the | character.

Save_Profile Button:
I get the following error message:
gzip: stdout: broken pipe
I have rebooted the machine twice, but I still get the same error.

There was another resource that I tried to config and it failed, but I did
not write down the error message. I should note that I am running 9r2
installed to the harddrive and booted via the UMSDOS partition. The
machine is a P75 with 58MB of RAM and 200MB HD (Old IDE drive). muLinux
runs great on the machine. I have the X, EXT, GCC addons installed as
well. The machine is logged in as root (running X) when I am doing the
above configurations (Don't know if that makes a difference or not).

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Jason Short
Orlando, Florida

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