[mu TECH] - Possible to use this for Websurfer Pro?

From: Mike Kopack (makopack@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 21:51:57 CEST

Hi guys!

I'm one of the few (the proud, the Marines... sorry,
couldn't resist...) who got their hands on the
Websurfer Pro16 units for $50 from CompUSA. It has
this thing called a DiskOnChip 2000 which is sort of
like a flash disk. It's 16MB.

I was trolling around looking for a possible Linux
implementation that would fit in that space and
muLinux seems to be the most full featured out of the
options. There are a couple concerns though that I
was hoping you all could address.

1) is it possible to get a newer kernal? I believe
2.3.x has some support for USB ethernet which I need
(the unit has only 1 slot which I need for my HD

2) it's powered off a Cyrix MediaGX 180 processor.
There's special drivers for the sound and video chips
available for linux. Is it possible to add these in?

3) There's supposedly some drivers for Linux that will
support the DiskOnChip (made by the manufacturer) but
somebody on a board stated that those are binaries and
are not distributable via a packaged linux
distribution? Anybody know what's up with that and if
there's a way around it?

I realize 99% of you probably don't have the same
setup as me so I understand if you can't be of much
help. I'd be willing to work on some of this stuff
myself, but that would require access to the
development/source code of muLinux. Is that available
for consumption?

Anyhow, thanks guys! I appreciate it!


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