Re: mulinux on a large (non-floppy) drive

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 12:30:07 CEST

Am Fre, 02 Jun 2000 schrieb Michele:
> Ops! I'm wrong. Statistics about your german site contraddicts my
> understanding. Order is : german, french, italin, english speaking.
> But your is a german mirror.

That's true: my little mirror shows only a small part of the activities
and of course it is not very exact because of counting the 'reload'
actions as single hits each...

> Look a what I've obtained using this little UNIX scripts
> ========================================================================
> 67 com 6 nl 4 tw 2 cn 1 nu
> 42 net 6 fr 4 dk 1 ua 1 my
> 37 de 6 es 3 no 1 si 1 mil
> 25 it 6 ch 3 ca 1 sg 1 hu
> 13 uk 6 au 2 se 1 ru 1 gov
> 8 org 5 br 2 kr 1 pl 1 cz
> 8 edu 5 at 2 hk 1 pe 1 be
> 7 jp 4 us
> ========================================================================
> Analyzing this result, can we agree about english-german-italian,
> or order is wrong?

That's a very good statistics: the number of subscribers probably reflects
the situation far better than just counting the hits on one single mirror.
My theorie is that mankind is the same throughout the world (and regardless
of time in the history): the percentage of smart people is probably the same
no matter what country you look at and so probably the percentage of parti
cipants on the mailing list is the same throughout the world, meaning this:

If there are 13 people from United Kingdom on this list and 7 from Nippon
so there might well be about nearly twice as much british muLinux users on
the world than japanese users.

But: I would be very interested in knowing *how*many* people (in absolute
numbers) from each country are using muLinux and Michele's tale of the
Ursulinen monastries was as interesting as strange: since they obviously
never wrote to the list we would never have heard of them if not by chance.

So what about the idea of adding a little text to the muLinux greeting
text saying:

  '' Dear muLinux user,

     if you don't mind could you please send a little picture postcard
     to the muLinux author, Michele Andreoli, via... ?

     It would be nice to see WHERE on the world are the muLinux users so
     if you don't want to write your name on the postcard there is no need
     to do so: just tell me the name of the town and country you live in.

     Remember: there is NO obligation to do this - it's just a wish
               of mine, feel free to ignore it if you don't like the idea. ''

What do you think about that? Good idea? Bad idea? :-)


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