[mu OT] Leading and following? (was: [mu TECH] - Possible to use this for Websurfer Pro?)

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (khz@snafu.de)
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 13:33:32 CEST

Am Sam, 03 Jun 2000 schrieb Jef:

> I think the real helll starts is everybody wants to lead.
> Where would we be without people that are willing to serve,
> to sacrefice for a greater cause?
> God gave us two ears, only ONE mouth.
> That should learn us something.

To go 'follow' your analogy what about this:

Between the two ears there is usually a *head* containing
a brain - that should learn us something.

I will not follow anybody.
Perhaps I will AGREE to somebody and understand that his or
her proposals are of some good - then i will act accordingly
but not because it's nice to follow but because somebody had
a good idea and I was kucky enough to see that it was good.

Forget about the 'Leadership' of Linus or Michele: they are
not Leaders but they are nice people who offer a great part
of there free time to realize an idea.

I am willing to support people who do something that usefull
but I am not willing to 'follow'.

Perhaps all this sound a bit stupid to some of you but in my
(humble) opinion there is a large difference between 'following'
and 'supporting': see (example given) R. Stallman who has some
very good ideas.

The problem with good old Stalman ist that *he* is somebody who
expects others to follow him - meaning: Stop thinking!
Start doing as the Guru tells you!

Ok, he may wait as long as he wants - I will not follow him
NOR will I support him because in my opinion he is not worth
it: despite of his great(!) merits for Unix and for the community
of free software developers he is not a person that acts fair.

Unfair behaviour is something that stops me from agreeing to
somebody at once - people who 'follow' need their 'leaders'
and don't care about them being of honour - I don't like that.


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