Boscoso Allen

From: Dugald Taylor (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 21:10:31 CEST


>Boscoso Allen! How you translated? With Altavista translation service?

You have found me out, Babelfish to the rescue. I can only understand
fragments of Italian that look like the Latin I took in school. I hope
"Boscoso" is funny, it looked funny; the rest of the italianized quote I
assume is slightly ... fractured.

Other matter:

I cannot post to the list as <> (preferred), I have to
use this clunky M$ HotMail; all messages bounce with an error message like

451 has multiple open relays and its admins have demanded that ORBS
not test further. Complaints to

I can ping OK, and I'm obviously receiving list mail, but
cannot send. I will query, but I think someone said a while back
that is "unfriendly" somehow, maybe my message headers are
malformed? Do others have same problem? Any advice?


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