Re: [mu LINGUAE] La traduction francaise n'est pas exact?

From: Rémi Clavier (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 07:46:00 CEST

Karl-Heinz Zimmer a écrit :

> Hi Pat! Hi Jean! Hi Gerard! :-)
> It is great to see you have answered to my letter and I am
> glad there are such nice french people willing to support
> the muLinux translation!
> Might I suggest that
> Rémi Clavier
> will collect all the corrections and merge them into the
> final version of the french text file?

> ===Ok to do that. please, send me all the proposed modification and I
> 'll tray to find time for a complete version.

====Michele call for information about the final version. I'll send it
the final text where it will be ccompleted.

> In our company we have more than 30 translators who are
> correcting their work mutually: we found it very good to
> have somebody else looking at the text before it's published
> and I think the same is taking place here successfully. :-)

====of course, in my company too. We have something named in french
"comité de relmecture (perhaps in english "reread meeting) to stisfy the
quality exigence for documents.

> Also - if you all agree - I would like to suggest a slight
> modification: in my (humble) opinion it would be nice to
> change the name of the file.
> 'mulinux.txt' sounds nice but perhaps 'lisez-moi.txt'
> would sound even better?

=== Your right. The final name qhould be "lisezmoi.txt for a txt file.
but for an HTML file, the name of the file don't matter because only the
title is visble in a browser.

> This shall be the french README so why not call it accordingly?
> Very best greetings from good old Hamburg! :-)
> Karl-Heinz
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