Re: [mu TECH] terminal speed

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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 08:36:48 CEST

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> On 29 May 2000, at 18:38, Mike Johnson <> wrote:
> > color me silly.. I believe I'll try the same!
> How'd it go?
> Another benefit is that 'lynx' runs faster. I don't think 'lynx' can run
> faster than the terminal. So if the terminal is set to 38400bps -- most
> go faster than this, then the terminal keeps the modem waiting. Or it
> some intermediate process that fetches the data waiting, I'm not sure if
> hardware itself actually has to wait. I don't know if this is true for
> as well, that is, whether or not 'ftp' can run faster than the console.
> On my main P200 box, I have the consoles set to 115200bps, (haven't tried
> higher speeds yet on this box), and using 'lynx' is three times as fast.

Maybe a nice idea to make a muLynx spinof-disk like muSamba?

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