Re: setting up a /tmp

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 22:32:09 CEST

Hallo Jef

am Donnerstag, 08 Jun 2000 schriebst Du:

> I tried the sugested command:
> gzip -d tempfile > /dev/ram3
> In theorie it might work, practically it doesn't.
> cat tempfile > /dev/ram3
> works O.K.
> Can anybody explain the difference to me?

The difference is this:

   gzip -d tempfile > /dev/ram3

lets gzip decompress the tempfile (and while doing so
*replaces* the old tempfile by it's decompressed version)
and write it's C O M M E N T S to /dev/ram3 instead of
just sending them to stdout .

But you wanted something completely different: you wanted
to have the decompressed F I L E send to /dev/ram3
- not just the comments.

Try this:

   gzip -cd tempfile > /dev/ram3

I am not sure about it but I hope this will work fine.
(Parameter -c tells it to write the decompressed
 file to stdout so the > should be able to
 send it to /dev/ram3 .)


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