Re: customising muLinux

From: Tomaso Ranieri (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 15:25:25 CEST

I'm also looking for something like that...
I think that is urgent in mulinux the complete capability to compile a new
kernel, new modules, applications...
Cannot u add the missing library of GCC (mulinux pack)
I think this is really important.... becose i tried to compile a lot of
things.... it's impossible to do... I also tried to compile the new GCC
(latest).... no hopes it give's me a LOTs of errors!!
The only one that can make something il the "xconfig" (simple "config" or
"menuconfig" don't run) option of kernel compilation.... but after that u
cannot dream to compile it :-))))
I'm really waiting for something like that.
Thanx a lot

PS: the pcmcia support have some problems: the "ide_cs.o" module gives me
an error on symbols and the "memory_cs.o", the "memory" executables file
and some others are missing... :-))

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