[tech] mc, f2c, gcc: 2 questions

From: Alfred Breull (puma@hannover.sgh-net.de)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 17:47:24 CEST


Good news first: muLinux (9r3, vnc, gcc, ext) installed without
any problems on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 490 CDT (notebook). Thank
you to Michele (and all who helped to create that nice OS).

Additionally, I've 2 questions. :)

First: do I have to
      dos2unix < dos-file > unix-file
additionally, when copying with muLinux's midnight commander
('dos-files' are fortran source codes in MS-DOS ascii) ?

And 2nd, does muLinux's f2c rely on any late lib/-s, which
do/-es not support fortran iv to C anymore ?

Background: Though not noted by my 1992 f2c, I'm getting an
'non-character datum namset initialized with character string'
error from muLinux's f2c (from 1995). The codes are 'correct'
(IMSL sub-libraries), so it's just a wild guess ...

Also, muLinux's gcc has defined an external function as 'main',
while it is correctly identified by my gcc (1993).
Help, comments are welcome.

Unfortunately, I've about 3 MB of fortran iv source files from 1981
and, being terribly excited and delighted from recent experiences
with muLinux, I - maybe - overreact a little when trying to do each
and everything with this nice OS. :)

Any help, advice on the subjects is appreciated.

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