Re: Okay stupid question

From: Jef Knoors (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 15:42:57 CEST

I've always remembered someone who told me:
'There are no stupid question"
If you have downloaded the file(s), unzip them, and you will be able to
start one or more batchfiles (dos) that will create the disk(s) for you.

You can also open the batchfiles (xxxxxx.bat) with your favorite editor and
read the carefully.

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Subject: Okay stupid question

> I have been on this list for like 6 months, and I am just getting ready to
install muLinux.
> I have a 486/100 w/16Megs of Ram
> 1.7 G HD
> 2 Ethernet Cards
> (No CDRom)
> It has nothing on it. Is there a readme someplace on how to install from
floppies? It also seems that I downloaded the
> Install/Rescue boot disk. Is this the wrong file?
> Sean
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