Re: network problems and telnet

From: Johannes Krausmüller (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 13:47:36 CEST

> Both have IRQ 5? Is this correct? This "ping is not working" could be a
> interrupt problem! Most drivers load with wrong IRQ setting, but don't
> work.

Thanks for your answer. I changed the irq of the SuSE-machine from 5 to 12
and now (after working on this problem for days) everything works fine.
But now my problem is the telnet-connection from the PII to muLinux. I set
up the telnet service by configureing muLinux with the command "setup -f
server". When I try to connect to the 386 I shall type in my username. But
I'm not able to enter my password. Before I can do so. the message comes
that the password is incorrect. What could be the problem?

Johannes Krausmüller

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