Re: [OT] my posts don't pass through

From: Dugald Taylor (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 14:48:47 CEST


>My last posts didn't make it to the list ...
>Any idea of what is going wrong ?

Your ISP, like mine, appears to be "black-listed" by the overly paranoid
ORBS anti-spam service to which subscribes; I too have to use
another ISP for this post.

Any ISP that refuses to permit ORBS repeated "probing" is blacklisted by
ORBS; my "always-on" cable provider detects these as nuisance intrusions and
possible hacks, and declines. Both sides are adamant, and there can be no

I think I understand that could on request choose to
over-ride ORBS for specific ISPs, but whether they would or not, I don't
know. I haven't asked yet.

The problem seems to be growing; maybe the list should look at another host,
one without ORBS.

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