RE: [mu ANNOUNCE] A new EXT.tgz

Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 10:45:38 CEST

On, wrote:
> More seriously, I'd suggest numbering the various addons, EXTr012, EXTr013,
> ... to help everyone keep versions in order. I'm currently changing their
> names by suffixing their download dates when I download them (today's will
> become EXT-15jun00), and then removing that suffix before using them. Adding
> any suffix permanently as I suggested, however, would require adjustments to
> lots of your scripts, and not wanting to volunteer to rewrite them, I now
> withdraw the suggestion.

I think that numbering the various addons is a necessity.
And to help this coming true, I did a small, quick and dirty modification to the mu script that you can find enclosed with this post.
Just replace the original mu by this one, and copy addons.versions in the same place as mu. In this file you keep track of the version of your addons : EXT, GCC, TCL, TEX, VNC and X11. All you have to custom is the "addons.versions" file. For instance, if your EXT addon file is EXT-r2.tgz, just put the following line
in file addons.versions.
You must have one CURRENT_xxx variable for each addon. By default, the file addons.versions is simply :

Let me know what you think of it.

Emmanuel Thiry
Et vive mulinux !

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