Re: COOL! prelim Interbase 4.0G (Linux ed.) + mu

Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 18:14:21 CEST

You can download them from .. go into the download area, scroll down and look for the Interbase 4.0 server for Linux (about 3 meg).

documentation (all PDF By the way)

I ran a sql script I generated from reverse-engineering ... I removed the "Create database" line from the script and did the following in isql

CREATE DATABASE "/DOS/ib/Mytest.gdb";
INPUT /DOS/ib/schema.sql;

and my db was there!

I have NO IDEA is you can access it like a normal IB database.. protocols, etc, since my Mu-Box is a laptop, and I don't know how it performs under usage. It does SEEM to perform under isql,which could be useful in shell scripts and cgi alone. One thing to note is to check the semaphore count, and make sure it is sufficiently high.. breeze through the PDF in the docs about installation on UNIX for more info.

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