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Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 06:55:45 CEST

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Hi, Michele, sorry to be so late. I kept being distracted by thinking of yet
another way to do the renames with ksh, but we don't have that tool. Strange
how much fun
planning and programming are when your tool set is limited.

> > More seriously, I'd suggest numbering the various addons, EXTr012,
> > ... to help everyone keep versions in order.
> After that, I have to remove by hand, via ftp, the old images.
> I do not know the amount of disk space at Sunsite I can use for muLinux,
> but I can implement a different mechanism with save me a lot:
> any new release uploaded in a new directory.
> Example, the release 9r4 get:
> 9r4/mulinux-9r4.tgz
> 9r4/EXT,TCL, ....
> In some case I, mantaining the same loader mulinux-version.tgz, wish
> to change only addons. In this case, a solution should be to create
> a directory called "alpha", with the new addons.
> What you think?

For the muLinux releases, 9r5b/ muLinux EXT TEX ... (with non-uploaded files
linked to previous versions, perhaps, so newbies to mu don't have to search
them out, or a readme saying "current VNC in 8r3" would seem to work well.)

The alpha directory, umm, this reminds me of the old mainframe practice of

    set compiler = past (compiler) {compile old code that breaks in current
    set compiler = present (compiler) {use default, standard compiler}
    set compiler = future (compiler) {try current code in new version of

then "compile foo" used the requested compiler.
which was very handy for the systems people and those who were competent but
was hopelessly confusing to many newbies and some users.

So I'll recommend it anyway, a structure like:

                  muLinux EXT ...
                  muLinux EXT ... VGA
                   VGA-1 VGA-2 ....
                   VGA-3 VGA {no suffix indicating most recent}

Or something like that. This is perhaps what you had in mind, only I do not
use the term "alpha".

> > I'm currently changing their
> > names by suffixing their download dates when I download them (today's
> > become EXT-15jun00), and then removing that suffix before using them.
> >Adding any suffix permanently as I suggested, however, would require
> >adjustments to lots of your scripts, and not wanting to volunteer to
> >rewrite them, I now withdraw the suggestion.
> You understand the point: Installer will be broken with this changes.
> Finally, an old installer will be unable to download future addons.

Ouch. This is a very bad thing, and very difficult to fix. Probably not
possible to fix.
> I think the directory trick should be an acceptable solution.
> Michele

I think it will make it easier for you, and no harder for anyone else.


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