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From: winsor (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 07:54:27 CEST

This is a quite common problem:(
I'd think that the floppy has errors.
Best bet would be to attempt to make a new floppy set.
I know that I've bought boxes of floppies in which EVERY disk(100) in
the box has bad sectors.
As reported by "rawrite".
And these were/are disks made(or labeled by) by prominant companies not
bargain basement cheapies.
Unfortunately it costs more to try to get the disks replaced by the
manufacturer, than to just
trash them and buy new ones.(or save them for non critical data)
This isn't even noticed when using the disks for everyday use under
windoze.....but Linux sure pitches a stink about it when trying to
"shoehorn" 1.72 Megs on em.8^P


"A.Parvaresh" wrote:

> Dear users,
> I have installed muLinux and also clone.
> But when clone needs a disk for installation and
> I will insert the disk, it always give me a same error
> on sector 19&20 of my disk.
> I don't know what's wrong with it:(
> If you could please help me.
> Thanks.
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