Re: vi ? (was: MC -e)

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 10:46:12 CEST

So please tell us WHICH functionkeys are you used to
and we can tell you WHICH editor to put on your floppy. :-)

e.g. You are used to Wordstar functionkeys? Then take 'joe'.


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On 22.06.00, 10:33:59, "Jef Knoors" <> wrote regarding
Re: vi ? (was: MC -e):

> Well, you're right about learning to use vi, I should have asked for
> editor wich would use the same functionkey's I'm already used to.
> using an editor _without_ learning the next set of commands. Sinds I
> DOS/Windoze/Linux I don't want to reprogramm my memory, but my
> computerprogramms.
> Jef

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> On 22.06.00, 09:39:10, Jef Knoors wrote:

> > Does anyone of you know if there's a editor like MC \e
> > with out the filemanager.
> > Just a smal binary to put on my floppy.
> > I searched for hours, but there are so many editors,
> > most of them are either very big or difficult to use.

> Yes, there IS such an editor, it's name (I am not kidding) is: vi

> Why that???

> Didn't you ask for an editor that is _not_ 'difficult to use'.

> Ok, at the very first moment one might think that I am kidding
> or trying to start another flame-war but please take the time
> to think about it, maybe this arguments can convince you:

> - vi is not intuitive

> - therefor many people think it is 'difficult to use'.

> Is this true?
> Is it 'difficult to use'?

> In my opinion it depends on _if_ you take the time
> to _learn_ using it.

> Oh, no, what a stupid argument! ;-)

> Sure?

> So what about the fact that a dear muLinux user made a VERY good
> tutorial that teaches you how to use the vi step by step?

> If one takes the time to do this (indeed not very long) course
> she or he will notice that

> a) LEARNING the vi with this course is EASY

> b) USING the vi when having finished the course is EASY

> So where IS the great tutorial?

> As mentioned of the muLinux homepage (see 'WEB PAGES') the

> is here: uk
> it
> de

> Have a lot of Fun! :)

> Karl-Heinz
> --

> "Why do we have to hide from the police, Daddy?" Dave Fischer
> "Because we use vi, son. They use emacs." 1995/06/19

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