Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v9r5

From: winsor (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 21:33:12 CEST


I downloaded 9r5 today along with EXT, X11, VNC, and TCL, and received
an error when running setup -f -a during EXT setup.
afterwards the setup script skipped over all other addon disks and went
straight into
"do you want LPR" etc, etc....
Don't know if this was just a fluke on my behalf, but thought you might
like to know about this.
Anyways..........after doing a manual "install" setup -f X11....etc
etc........ setup -s mine
The system is running fine......
Cool distribution there..........and quite pleased about the inclusion
of a "workable" PERL along with thttpd............
I'm going to do an ext2 install tomorrow..........and run muLinux
through it's paces.

Great project there

Michele Andreoli wrote:

> I successful uploaded the archives:
> mulinux-9r5.tgz, EXT.tgz and PERL.tgz
> No relevant news in the base system, except a dynamic allocation
> of ramdisk. This only means that: the addon has not registered
> ramdisk numbers, but it take the first free ramdisk.
> In addition, an addons can allocate an un-specified number of
> ramdisk. Example from PERL addon PERL.cnf:
> MOUNT_POINT="/usr/perl /usr/perl/CPAN"
> In this case, the loader create on the fly two adjacent ramdisks.
> Michele
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