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From: mek (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 22:43:22 CEST

dear jean,

> I once said I could help to translate, since I'm french and I know english,
> but I still don't have time enough to do so.

to remember:
this translation idea grew out of the need for some easy doc, written for
newbies (i for example am not a newbie but had real problems to get up running
mulinux). the idea was to do the translation of a very good german doc into
english and of course any other language.

> I think it will be better by mid August (I will be on holydays then).
> So, if anyone could tell me where I can find an up to date todo list

tomorrow in the evening i will upload a todo-list on my website, which i will
change evrytime there is any change to do.
but lemme go get some sleep now, i just came back from holiday;-)

> concerning translations, and a list of what has to be done, I'll be glad to
> help. I cannot promise a fixed processing rate, though.
> BTW, is there an url where I could find a german to french or english
> dictionnary?

a whole dictionary? mmm dont know if something like that does exist...
but to translate words you could use


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