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From: shock (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 22:36:51 CEST

I am using Babelfish to translate individual words.
I studied this language for four years, and so, am
familiar with it. However, it was many years ago.
(I've since studied Vietnamese and Lao/ Thai.)

Babelfish is good for translating individual words.
Sometimes, the idea or concept expressed in a sentence
is lost or just confusing when run through Babelfish.
Also, word order is different and technical words are
not available.

At 06:09 PM 7/12/00 +0200, mek is qutoed as saying:

>On 12-Jul-2000 shock wrote:
> > Here is a zipped directory of what I have been able
> > to translate. I will do more as time permits.
> > -JR
>this looks very good JR! thanks.
>is this translated in real or through a translating machine?
>i am busy right now with preparing a html-site to have a little coordination
>for the translations.
>it will be ready soon this evening.
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