Re: [mu TECH] Forth interpreter / addon disk pros/cons

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 07:59:38 CEST

On 12 Jul 2000, at 20:44, Unit 4 <> wrote:

> May I suggest a "contrib" disk be started? Slackware has always come
> with a disk like that, containing contributed work. I would nominate
> Forth for that disk, as well as the translated docs that are being
> worked on (and keyboard/font inclusions for some of the languages).

That would work OK but it would also be disappointing. I was dreaming of how a
mini-Forth on the bootdisk might have 100% practical value, as a wonderful aid
to rustic programming. Ideally, such a nice small Forth would allow low level
system access for tricky utils that are impractical to code in 'ash', 'awk', or
'sed'; and for simple programs which when written in 'C' make binaries that are
too big for a boot disk. Unlike compiled 'C', it would be easy to tweak such
code -- it wouldn't require any compiler.

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