Re: [mu SETUP] - Getting the network up..

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 12:05:03 CEST

I forgot some important issues:

1. a very common none working default is:
        in file "/usr/local/pcmcia/config.opts"
   around line 18 there is a "#" == comment in a line
        "exclude irq 3"
   this is no good idea, because most Laptops have two serial interfaces
   (one RS232 and one modem/IRC).
   So please ensure, that irq 4,3,7 are excluded (no "#" in line)
   (irq 5 and 2/9 are allso candidates for exclusion because
    of possible conflicts with sound cards)

2. /proc/kmsg can only be readed once! And more worse, cat hang.
   you have to force the termination of cat (^C).

Does anybody know a better method of getting the boot-messages into a
Note: I don't have syslogd in my muLinux box!


> Hi Kasper
> Kasper Engberg wrote:
> >
> > Well I don't know how to check if the PCMCIA card is working, but it's
> > working in Win95 and I tried setting it up with "PCMCIA" which seems to run
> > ok. Unfortunetly I don't know either what an eth-device is... If it's a link
> > to a server - then there is one...!
> >
> Uffff. This seems to become hard work.
> You allready know, that wether DOS nor WIN/xx Card-Managers will work on
> Linux? ;-)
> Or more seriouse, what do you allready know about Linux/Un*x ? Have you
> ever read any Howto or other doc about?
> What do you know about IP-Networks?
> And to come forth a liddle bit: please send me the kernel boot messages!
> You can do " cat /proc/kmsg > bootmsg_for_sven.txt" in the home-dir.
> Please
> send this file to me (PM:
> I'am sorry to tell you, setup PCMCIA can be a liddle tricky on Linux. At
> least
> it has been allways for me, because of wrong interrupt assingments.
> /sven

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