Re: another chapter translated

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 08:35:31 CEST

shock schrieb:
> Here is the section, Zugriffrechte, Dateieigenschaften.
> Please look over it. I could find no translation for
> Sicherheitsprinzipeien.

Ok, I'am also not an english native. I shortly red through the text and
am not sure, if I had selected this word here. Perhaps
"Datenschutz"/data protection, data security, data privacy are also

In this case the word covers what is called in UNIX man-pages: "(access)
permission mode of a file". Of course, this is a security-concept and
not very handy for newbies.

BTW: The section also covers the /etc/passwd, which is needed to
understand what is a login und who owns a file.

Perhaps "file-security"??? could be a translation.
--> "That was Unix file security at a glance."

If Prizipien is needed, perhaps something like principle, concept or
basics ???

--> file-security-basics???

> Also, the page titles, shouldn't they be translated also?

I think yes.
access rights, file attributes (attribute covers the SM-section :-) )

> Thanks,
> -JR

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, Gerhard

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