Re: Some strange things..

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 20:54:57 CEST

> > > Someone (or me) make a documentation add-on wich should include least
> > > all man pages for mu commands (-ash, elvis etc.) and most of the HOWTOs
> > > (least low men, laptop etc)
> >
> > Good idea. I have a little command that transform man pages in html.
> > I can add html version.
> So we have an extra Addon MAN for all the manpages. Cool Idea. HTML :(
> hm don't know. Might be good. Can be viewed with quark. So we don't need
> man. But what is really less in size. Think that would me the original
> text files.

I think you will find that manpage.html.gz and manpage.txt.gz are
practically the same size. gzip is very good at finding repetitive
elements like HTML-tags.


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