Some questions to mulinux

From: Bettina Auer (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 17:04:14 CEST

I want to play games on my windows-computer which is behind a
mulinux-ipmasqueraded-firewall (486er with 4MB). In the internet i found
words like port forwarding and LooseUDP patch (Works with LooseUDP patch or
requires TCP ports 116 and 118 and UDP port 6112 IPPORTFWed to the game
machine) and other patches for the kernel 2.0.36 like subs-patch-1.37 and
the tool ipportfw.c.

But when i read through the sites they always want me to compile the
source-file or recompile the kernel.

now my questions?

does anybody know if port forwarding and the patches help for playing games
behind a firewall?

how can i get this programs work under mulinux vers 6.4 or are this things
includes in a higher version of mulinux?

what do i need to compile such c-files in mulinux? is the gcc-package from
mulinux enough? if not, what do i need?

mfg, hans-juergen

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