[mu TECH] a tweaked 'rna'

From: Alfie Costa (agcosta@gis.net)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 01:39:17 CEST

Hallo Script Enthusiasts,

This link...


...leads to a tweaked 'rna', the muLinux mail/usenet client, which I was
playing with last month. To try it, make a backup of '/usr/rna/rna', and then
unpack 'Rna.zip' into '/usr/rna'.

The benefits of testing it are minor. Lots of code is tweaked, which makes it
a little smaller and a little faster -- but only a little faster, the main
rustic algorithms are mostly the same, so really it still runs about as slow as
the old 'rna'. It doesn't do anything new.

On the bright side, the code is now in '3D'; it may be easier to read. The
file itself is about one or two kilobytes smaller owing to a few improvements
and reducing redundant spaces to tabs. Haven't tested whether it compresses
any smaller than the old 'rna'.

It is not as well tested as some of my earlier script tweaks, so there may be
new bugs that weren't in the original. I don't know of any new bugs so far,
but there may be some.


Comments. There are too many tweaks to describe, and time is a little short
this week, but...

'CR' is a new variable that holds a single Carriage Return. It's used many
times to eliminate extra 'echo' statements after 'printf's.

Suddenly it is dinner-time.

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