Re: Can't startx as a non root user in mulinux / improving an old 386SX

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 02:04:51 CEST

On 14 Aug 2000, at 23:40, Ken Caldwell <> wrote:

> To run mulinux I had to upgrade the memory adding two more 1MB SIMMS to
> the remaining slots. (unfortunately it will not work with 4MB SIMMS so
> 4MB is all the memory it can have)

There are old ISA cards that plug into the bus. The memory is plugged into the
card, the card plugs into the bus, and then the computer has more memory. Some
of these ISA cards go back to the 8088 IBM-PC XT days. Not all such cards
would be compatible with Linux, but some must be. In the US, they occasionally
show up in dollar boxes at swap meets or garage sales...

> The BIOS thinks the HD is a type 47
> with 1024/5/17 CHS. These numbers cannot be changed so there does not
> seem to be any point putting in a larger hard drive.

Once it gets started, (I think), Linux doesn't even use the BIOS, it has it's
own HD I/O routines. If this is true, then all that would be needed is enough
BIOS to boot up Linux, and Linux could handle the rest from there -- hope that
makes sense.

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