autoboot CD with Mulinux

From: Rémi Clavier (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 07:23:15 CEST

I use a mandrake distribution on my laptop.
Inside this instance ok linux, I wrote some script to backup and restore
some files.
It' woks fine.
I'm using mulinux on a old computeur as modem sharing tool (pppdial and
I need to have a little system on the backup CD with auto boot to
automaticly boot and restore the information from the CD and I think to
My Idea is:
with my laptop burning a CD with the information, mulinux and something
to autoboot
On one other computer, put thd CD and restore the content.
It's possible?
how to copy a mulinux image from my laptop to my CD
how to make it autobootable...


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