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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 18:01:11 CEST a écrit :

> My question is: Is it possibly to let microLinux boot and select a default
> profile automatically (after a n seconds timeout, for example). If that would be
> possible I wouldn't need a keyboard anymore and could just turn the server on,
> wait until it comes up and connect to the VNC server.

It is very possible and also very easy to select a profile that would be loaded at
start, just save it under the lock name

# setup -s lock

If you want to start some things, you can setup local.

it remembers me that I found a bug in : if there was a file
/setup/cnf/store/rc.local, even if the user changed something in the prepare
section (editing /etc/rc.local) , the stored file was copied in /etc, overriding
the changes. Here I joined a (still untested, but should work, that time), but I am not really satisfied with the think I did to overcome the
problem, that is defining a variable to be at yes if the /etc/rc.local was edited
during the prepare section, because it pollutes badly the unique setup namespace.

An other way to avoid that, would be to test wether a /etc/rc.local exists or not,
and if it exists, not copy the /setup/cnf/store/rc.local file, but I think it is
bad for hd based muLinux.


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