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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 21:28:03 CEST

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> A bug? A feature!
> Seriously, the user (after editing by hand /etc/rc.local) must save it
> with "setup -s" or (economizing) "setup local store".

Yes, but I think, that in this case, he can only save the old file. Here I explain what
I think is happening :

in process : ask_the_user local
in local, prepare : the user edit /etc/rc.local,
        the cnf file is saved with action : configure.
in ask_the_user the cnf file is saved once more action : configure
(But in fact the two previous things have no real effect in this case as no variables
have been changed.)
in ask_the_user : configure
in local, configure : if /setup/cnf/store/rc.local exist, it is cp in /etc.
=> At that point, the changes made by the user with vi are overriden. Now in
/etc/rc.local there is the file stored in /setup/cnf/store/rc.local.

The setup exits, but what will be stored with setup -s or the much more beautifull
"setup local store" is not the /etc/rc.local the user did, but the old one.

But it is strange, as I didn't realized that in reading the code, but in trying to
setup local on a cloned mu. If I am the only one that experienced that, it's quite
strange !!!

> During Setup execution, the variable in the corresponding .cnf are
> actives: Setup will save any change ( if you didn't removed the 'save'
> line in prepare() ).

yes, that's true for the variables in .cnf files, but here, I don't think so, there is
no real .cnf, here

> The only workaround I know, is to maintain the two file *identical*, using
> the setup -s trick. Please, take a look to the setup/local help screen
> ===================================
> If your answer to next question is "YES", muLinux allow you
> to edit this file now. Anycase, you can edit yourself this file when
> boot finished: muLinux will save it when you do "setup -s".
> ===================================

Taking the risk to reapeat myself, I think that the files are identical before the
setup -s, identical to the old ones, because of passing in the configure section.


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