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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 15:38:18 CEST


> Money, like any other tool, isn't good or bad. The hand behind it is the spot of the question. Even weapons are'nt bad. We are collectors on the our dawn (I love "2001, A Space Odissey"!!!!), and the weapons could make us hunters, a crucial fact to our evolution. Even nowadays, vegetables doesn't provide us with all the protein we demand...

That's not true !
vegetables could provide all the proteins we demand without "effort", in fabaceas (pea, soja,...) , there is plenty of that and in all complete food there are the amino acids we cannot synthetise ourself.
This would even use less land, as there is a big loss between vagetables and animals. This is less true in some ecosystems where we cannot plant seeds with good yields, that we can also consume (in some prairial ecosystems for example) in which case using animals leads to better yields.


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